Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], July 6 : A day after the announcement of additional excise duty and infrastructure cess on petrol and diesel, fuel prices shot up in Bhopal.
In Bhopal, petrol prices stood at Rs 78 per litre, after a hike of Rs 4.56 and diesel prices stood at Rs 70.12 per litre, after a hike of Rs 4.36.
Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Saturday said, "The hike in fuel prices is the impact from the Union Budget. Centre has reduced the state funds, so that is why we had to raise the fuel prices."
Attacking the Central government's budget, he said "On one hand BJP says it will bring down inflation in the country and bring investments, but nothing is happening. Today the country needs investments not just from foreign countries but domestic also."